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Welcome to the homepage of the direct descendant to the World's First Mining School founded at the Hungarian mining town Selmecbánya in 1735. Although the more than 60-year life of the Petroleum Engineering Department is like a blink of the eye in the 270-year long history of the Mining School, we are proud to present our achievements on the World-Wide-Web.
The Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Miskolc is the only institution in Hungary offering Petroleum Engineering programs. It has been training capable petroleum engineering graduates since 1951 and has awarded more than 800 M.S. degrees so far. Graduates work in all sectors of the Hungarian petroleum and gas industry and in many of the oil producing countries of the world. More than twentyfive years ago the Department started offering graduate programs in English for international students. Our continuously improved curricula are comparable to those offered by leading US schools and provide students comprehensive engineering and advanced courses.
The Department shares two floors with the Department of Natural Gas Engineering in one of the biggest buildings on the Miskolc University Campus. Total office space, including laboratories, is over 10,000 sq. ft. Laboratories support course work and research in core and fluid analysis, drilling fluids and crude oil rheology, and well control. Students have access to a variety of computers for course work and research, both on and off campus. Two test wells (250 ft. Total Depth) with fluid loops serve to introduce students to well operations.