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Dear Potential Student:
Petroleum Engineering is a well-paying career that offers many opportunities to use one's talent and skills in the important mission of supplying energy to the world. If you enjoy the challenges of working in different parts of the world while solving field problems, you are an ideal candidate for one of our Petroleum Engineering programs. And if you come from a country rich in petroleum you will be able to help your nation fully develop those resources.
An M.S. degree from Miskolc University will provide you with a leading edge and a competitive knowledge base backed by the Petroleum Engineering Department's 60 years of teaching and research experience. Furthermore, if you desire to conduct research and commence advanced studies you should enroll in our Ph.D. program.

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Whichever program you choose, you'll be making the right decision and taking the first step towards a prosperous career in the world's petroleum industry.
I am personally looking forward to greeting you among our students in the near future.



Zoltan Turzo, Ph.D.

Department Head




From: Admissions Committee
To: Potential Students
Subject: Application procedure
In the following, let us guide you through the steps leading to the selection of the educational program that best suits your desires and educational records. At the end you will be able to prepare the proper application letter. Please note that in most cases, applications and all necessary documents can be sent to us in electronic form allowing you to receive our decision in the timeliest manner.
Step One
If you did not do so before; please be sure to visit the following pages of our website for information facilitating your selection of the most appropriate program.
For information on:
Visit page
Hungary, the city Miskolc, Miskolc University
The faculty members, their main achievements, fields of research, etc.
Available degree programs in PE,
Admission requirements,
Fees and Expenses.
Detailed lists of the subjects taught in each semester
Step Two
Prepare the following documents and collect all information on your previous studies including:
Application Letter,
Recent CV,
University Transcripts,
Copies of BS or other Diplomas.

Click here to get a review of the admission procedure.
Step Three
Save and fill out  the Admission Request Form  and send it by e-mail to here
PLEASE NOTE that your request will only be processed after we receive copies of your Transcripts, Diploma(s), and English Language Certificates. These may be sent either by fax or mailed to the appropriate address found on our web page Useful Addresses.
If you do not want or are unable to apply online, you can mail or fax all your documents to the address you select from our web page Useful Addresses.
Step Four
If you have properly followed the above procedure, your request will reach us completely and in a timely manner. Your admission request will be given our utmost attention and unbiased consideration. After our decision on approval or rejection you will be notified immediately.
Good luck,
Admissions Committee

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