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The Well Control Training School of the University of Miskolc is active in the international drilling well completion, well services, well control training and  is a member of the International Well Control Forum (IWCF)


The Training School's mission:
  • to  promote commitment to safety, preservation of the environment and advances in drilling technology,
  • to provide quality training that meets international industry standards (API).
  • to fosters education and communications within the upstream petroleum industry.
Our experienced instructors use the latest equipment (drilling simulators, multimedia materials, etc.) necessary for the successful education and training of drilling personnel.
So whether you are a drilling contractor or an employee seeking training in drilling, well completion, workover and well control operations, choosing our Well Control Training School will be the right move. You will receive high-quality training simulator practices and testing.
Within the next pages you find detailed information on our training courses. Should you need additional information or want to enroll in one of the courses, please contact us.
We are looking forward to greeting you in one of the courses in the near future.

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