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In Hungary, state-supported regular exploration for petroleum started in 1893. To meet the demand for experts in this growing technical field, the predecessor of the present University of Miskolc, the Mining School of Selmecbanya, started to teach drilling and production technology at the Department of Mining as early as 1904. It was not until 1943 that the founding of a separate Petroleum Engineering Department was decided. In this year, the biggest player in the Hungarian petroleum business, the Hungarian-American Oil Company (MAORT) declared that it would fully support the establishment of a new department at the Mining School. Although the first Chairman (dr. Simon Papp) of the future department was also appointed in 1944, the grave consequences of the Second World War prevented the actual founding of the department.
Finally, establishment of the Petroleum Engineering Department occurred on July 1, 1951, under the chairmanship of dr. Zoltan Gyulay. It became the newest department of the Mining School, already relocated to Sopron. From its early years on, the department’s teaching activities cover all aspects of petroleum technology with the main emphasis laid on courses in Reservoir, Production, and Drilling Engineering. Over the years, the curriculum underwent continuous improvements with the level of training being further enhanced by regularly inviting leading industry experts to hold special classes. The faculty has always been keen to introduce courses for emerging new technologies. Since Hungary possesses a large geothermal potential, Geothermal Energy courses were started in the early 1970s. In the same fashion, to meet the ever increasing safety requirements in drilling operations, a Well Control Laboratory was set up in 1986 and appropriate courses were introduced.
High demand for engineers in the domestic natural gas sector dictated, in 1966, the establishment of a separate Gas Engineering curriculum, on the initiative of dr. A.P. Szilas. Students majoring in this new academic field take courses in Gas Processing, Utilization, and Distribution.
Among the students graduated from the Department, the number of foreigners was not very significant until the late 1980s. The growing demand from developing countries for professional training in the petroleum industry has led to the introduction of English-language programs. The five-year M.S. Program was initiated in 1987 and the first students graduated in 1992. For similar reasons, a special program for people holding B.S. degrees and leading to an M.S. in Petroleum Engineering was started in 1995, and the first group graduated in 1998.
The original department was restructured in 1993 when a new Petroleum and Natural Gas Institute was established with two separate departments, the Petroleum Engineering Department and the Natural Gas Engineering Department.
The total number of M.S. degrees awarded during the 50-plus year period in the life of the Department is over 700.
The following is a list of the most important achievements of the Department’s prominent past and present members.
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