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Our Well Control Training School offers the following courses. The details of each course can be seen by clicking the appropiate item on this page.
The instructors of the Training School are full-time employees of the department and all have extensive experience in the drilling industry.

The experienced staff of instructors uses the latest equipment (drilling simulators, multimedia materials, etc.) necessary for the successful training of drilling personnel.

Trainees obtaining Certificates will avoid risks or will be able to control events that occur at the drilling rig. The safety of rig operations is thus significantly increased. Similarly, improved training in blowout prevention will minimize the impact of the drilling process on the environment, a very important issue these days.

The above courses are offered by the Petroleum Engineering Department (Miskolc, Hungary), at the department’s fully equipped Training School.
Number of Trainees:
Groups of minimum 5 people with a maximum limit of 10 people can be accommodated in any given course
Course Dates:
Course starting dates are available upon request.
Costs available upon request
The costs given below are current at the time of printing and are subject to change without prior notice.

Our staff of experienced people has a long reputation in teaching drilling courses and is fully qualified to hold training courses. There names and positions are given below 

Dr. Imre Federer, Training Manager
MS in Petroleum Engineering, Tech. Univ. Miskolc, 1975.
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1995.
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering 1995. 
Dr. Tibor Szabó, Senior Instructor
MS in Petroleum Engineering Tech. Univ. Miskolc, 1989.
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering, 2008

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