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Only a few university departments in the world are equipped with drilling and well control simulators. Since the Petroleum Engineering Department of the University of Miskolc has several such simulators available, our students have a definite advantage over the rest. This benefit is also available to the trainees who enroll in the Well Control Training School.
Simulators provide hands-on knowledge of various aspects on how to safely drill a well with special issues of well control problems. Students and trainees are exposed to operational failures and are requested to immediately take corrective measures. Thus, they obtain the knowledge necessary to possibly avoid a blowout on the actual rig and learn from their own mistakes.
CS DPWS-22 Simulator
This is a portable Drilling, Production and Workover Simulator manufactured by Computer Simulation Inc., USA. Originally built in 1994 and upgraded 1999 and 2006, it is connected to and controlled by a modern personal computer.
This simulator is used for demonstration of drilling operation, workover operation, cementing operation, drill stem test, fracturing and acidizing, stuck pipe and underbalanced drilling operation.
 CS DPWS-22 Simulator.jpg
The CS DPWS-22 is used in regular university-level courses and in the Well Control Training School for instructional and examination purposes. It consists of 5, portable-sized consoles, containing the Drawworks Console, Driller’s Console, Surface BOP’s Console, Production Tree Console and the Remote Choke Console.
CS DPWS-22UL Simulator
The CS DPWS-22UL Simulator consists of two, portable-sized consoles, containing the Remote Choke Console and the Driller’s/Drawworks Console. The Production Tree, Surface BOP, Subsea BOP, Choke Manifold and Standpipe Manifold are operated via interactive graphic screens on the student monitor, with either a touch screen input or mouse input. The student’s monitor may be a standard SVGA monitor, or optionally a flat screen or flat touch screen may be provided. Pipe movement is shown on the interactive graphics display.
Summary of Training Capabilities with Aid of Simulator
Well Control
Leak-off Test
Drilling ahead
Drilling analysis
Drillstring washouts
Deviated wells
Primary Cementing
Squeeze Cementing
Balanced Plug
Drill Stem Test
Fracturing and Acidizing
Underbalanced Drilling
Producing wells

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