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Zoltan Turzo
Associate Professor
Department Head
M.S. in Petroleum Engineering
Tech. Univ. Miskolc, 1989
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2006  

Professional Experience:
Mr. Turzo works for the Petroleum Engineering Department from 1989 on and has more than twenty years of teaching and research experience in production engineering. He is a regular member of the task groups set up at the Department in that area. His expertise includes artificial lift design, pipeline hydraulics, and software development for production system analysis and pipeline networking applications. Laboratory experience includes twenty years in the area of rheological measurements.
Selected Publications:
Turzo Z. – Takacs G.: Special Report: CFD techniques determine gas-lift valve behavior
Oil and Gas Journal, June 2009. Vol. 107, Issue 22.; (p. 46-51)
Takacs G. - Turzo Z. – Zsuga J.: Equations Correct Centrifugal Pump Curves for Viscosity Oil and Gas Journal, May 2000. (p.57 – 61)
Takacs G. - Turzo Z.: Improved Gas Lift Proposed for Hungarian Field. Oil and Gas Journal July 7, 1997 57-61
Takacs G. - Turzo Z.: Nodal Systems Analysis Using Object-Oriented Programming Techniques. SPE Computer Applications. April 1994, 19-23
Research Interests:
Software Development.
Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Wells.
Systems Analysis of Oil and Gas Wells.
Gas Lift Design.
Design and Analysis of Sucker-Rod Pumped Wells.
Artificial Lift Design.
Geothermal Well Production.
Crude Oil Pipeline Design.
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