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József Szepesi
Associate Professor
MS in Petroleum Engineering
Tech. Univ. Miskolc, 1958.
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1980.

Professional Experience:
Dr. Szepesi started his career as a drilling engineer with the Drilling Co. of Szolnok in 1958 and was later promoted to Chief Engineer. He came to the Petroleum Engineering Department in 1966 and has been teaching drilling technology. In 1973 he participated in a year-long postgraduate UNESCO course in geothermal drilling and well completion in Pisa, Italy. Dr. Szepesi was responsible for establishing a Well Control Laboratory at the Department and holds training and instructor certificates from several sources. The laboratory, under his supervision, is extensively used in graduate and post-graduate training courses. In 1980 he was a Visiting Professor at the Baghdad University in Iraq and in 1998 University of Bologna in Italy and he is regularly invited by the Mining University of Freiberg, Germany, to hold lectures on Drilling Technology. He is an Instructor accredited by IADC WellCap. He is a member of IGA, OMBKE and SPE.
Selected Publications:
Szepesi J. – Federer I. – Szabó T.: Shallow Gas Problems of Hajdúszoboszló Field in Hungary. IADC European Issues Conference Berlin, June 5-6, 1997.
Szepesi J. – Szabó T. – Federer I.: International Well Control Training with CS DPWS-22 Simulator. 9th International scientific and Technical Conference in New Knowledges in Sphere of Drilling, Production and Gas Storages, Podbanské (Slovak) October 8-10. 1996.
Szepesi J.: FUNDAMENTALS OF WELL CONTROL. University of Miskolc, 1992. 182 p.
Szepesi J. – Alliquander Ö.: DEVELOPMENTS IN OIL WELL DRILLING TECHNOLOGY 1980-84. OMBKE Edition 1987.
Szepesi J.: Das Niederbringern von Tiefbohrungen in Ungarn. Bergbau und Geotechnik Bohrtechnik. 1987. p.110-3
Research Interests:
Drilling Technology
Well Completion
Well Control
Geothermal Well Drilling and Completion
Reservoir Stimulation.
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