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Gabor Takacs
M.S. in Petroleum Engineering
Tech. Univ. Miskolc, 1970
Ph.D. in Petroleum Engineering
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 1985
dr. habil.
University of Miskolc, 1996
dr. of HAS
Hungarian Academy of Sciences, 2003

Professional Experience:
Dr. Takacs graduated with honors at the Petroleum Engineering Department in 1970. During his tenure at the department he took part in artificial lift projects, e.g. analyzed the conditions of gas lifted wells in the Algyo field, helped to design the first Hungarian-made API-monogrammed pumping unit. His teaching assignments include Visiting Professorships at Texas Tech University, Lubbock, USA 1988-89, and at the Mining University of Leoben, Austria in 1990 and 1995. Between 2007 and 2010 Dr. Takacs headed the Petroleum Engineering program at the Petroleum Institute in Abu Dhabi, UAE. In 1995/96 he was selected SPE Distinguished Lecturer, was Outstanding Technical Editor of the SPE journal “Production and Facilities” 1992-2003 and chaired the Artificial Lift TIG (Technical Interest Group) of SPE in 1997-2003. He is Technical Editor of the journal SPE Production and Operations from 2009. Dr. Takacs started the SPE Hungarian Section in 1992 and acted as its first Chairman from 1992-1994, acting as Program Chairman 1994-2007, was on the Editorial Board of the national journal Köolaj és Földgáz 1987-2007. He wrote five books and more than 90 technical papers and has taught various short courses in Libya, Mexico, Argentina, Indonesia, UAE, Romania, Malaysia, Oman, India and Austria; and is a well-known consultant and instructor on production engineering and artificial lift topics. Dr. Takacs heads the Petroleum Engineering Department since 1995 and was appointed Full Professor in 1997.
Selected Publications:
Takacs, G.: How to Improve Poor System Efficiencies of ESP Installations Controlled by Surface Chokes. J. Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology, Vol. 1, Issue 2 (2011), p 89-97.
Takacs, G.: Nodal Analysis Identifies ESP Wellhead Choke Problems. Oil and Gas Journal, June 14, 2010, 39-44.
Takacs, G.: Ways to Obtain Optimum Power Efficiency of Artificial Lift Installations. Paper SPE 126544 presented at the Oil and Gas India Conference and Exhibition, held in Mumbai, India, 20–22 January 2010.
Takács G.: ELECTRICAL SUBMERSIBLE PUMPS MANUAL. Gulf Professional Publishing, An Imprint of Elsevier. 2009, 440p.
Takács G.: GAS LIFT MANUAL. PennWell Books, Tulsa Oklahoma, 2005, 478p.
Takács G.: SUCKER-ROD PUMPING MANUAL. PennWell Books, Tulsa Oklahoma, 2003, 395p.
Takacs G.: Improved Designs Reduce Sucker-Rod Pumping Costs. Oil and Gas Journal October 7, 1996 68-76
Takacs G.: Modern Sucker-Rod Pumping. PennWell Books, Tulsa Oklahoma, 1993, 230p.
Research Interests:
Multiphase Flow in Oil and Gas Wells.
Systems Analysis of Oil and Gas Wells.
Gas Lift Design.
Design and Analysis of Sucker-Rod Pumped Wells.
Design and Analysis of ESP Installations.
Artificial Lift Design.
Geothermal Well Production.
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