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This page is provided to give additional information, stories (serious or not so serious), from the life of our department. As time passes, postings will come and go but this is natural when you deal with new students every year as we do.
One word of caution (the legal blah-blah):
All statements on the attached pages are of those indicated and do not necessarily constitute an official or unofficial opinion of the department.
All the above said, let's see what we got.
First Graduates in the International MS Program
The date February 5, 1998 marks a historical point in the life of the department because the first four students in the MS in Petroleum Engineering program graduated that day. For more details, click here.
Dr. Bassiouni (LSU) Visited Us
Dr. Zaki Bassiouni, Head of Petroleum Engineering Department, Louisiana State University paid a visit to the department June 1998. He discussed the further development in the cooperation of the two departments and, on the invitation of the Miskolc University Student Chapter of SPE, made a presentation on well logging topics. Details of his stay are here.
WCTS Graduates its 100th Trainee
Since its accreditation by IADC in May 1997, our Well Control Training School is extremely busy training Hungarian as well as foreign drillers and engineers. The school graduated its 100th trainee in September 1998, in less than a year of its existence. To know who the lucky one was click here.
Exchange Students at LSU
In 1997/98, three of our students spent one or two semesters at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, USA. They graduated October 30, 1998 in Miskolc, and have prepared short reports on the most significant events and experiences (watch out) of their stay.
Let us introduce the ideas of:
One More Student at LSU
One of our graduating students, Mr. Attila Vasvary spent the fall term 1999/2000 at Louisiana State University in Baton Rouge, USA. He returned with straight "A"s (can you appreciate this?) and loaded with memories, which he shares with you if you click here.
Dr. Joseph Szepesi Retires
From Active Service
Dr. Joseph Szepesi, Associate Professor and General Manager of the Well Control Training School retired after 42 years of service in February 2000. For more details and a short story from his farewell party click here.
Dr. Zoltán Gyulay
Centennial Jubilee
On November 24, 2000 a celebration was held on the occasion of the 100th Anniversary of the birth of professor Dr. Zoltán Gyulay, the founder and first Head of the Petroleum Engineering Department. About 100 people from all around the country gathered to celebrate Dr. Gyulay's legacy in establishing the Hungarian Reservoir Engineering school. Speakers described professor Gyulay's achievements in the scientific, professional, and social fields. For a short biography of Dr. Gyulay, click here.
Department Celebrates
Golden Jubilee
Would you believe that training of Petroleum Engineers at Miskolc University has a 50-year history? Well, the Petroleum Engineering Department was founded in 1951 and since then has graduated more than 800 capable engineers. To commemorate this festive occasion we organized a two-day event on September 21-22, 2001.
Hundreds of petroleum engineers graduated from the department gathered to the Miskolc University Campus to enjoy the program of the Jubilee. To know more details and see some photos taken at the celebrations, please click here.
At the Cradle of the Argentinean Petroleum Industry
The company Tenaris-Siderca invited our Department Head to Argentina, where he delivered two seminars with big attendances on sucker-rod pumping issues. Some interesting moments of the trip can be seen here.
Rod Pumped Field in Libyan Desert Analyzed
The second-biggest oil producing company in Libya, AGOCO, invited two of our faculty members to analyze their rod pumped wells in the Hamada field. To see some interesting photos of the November 2004 trip click here.
Feel the Heat of the Middle East
A major onshore producer asked dr. Gabor Takacs to introduce its engineers to artificial lift technology in March 2006. A short report is found here.
Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program (ALPP) of SPE comes to Miskolc
The Society of Petroleum Engineers recently started a new initiative to help university students with their careers in the oil patch. The Ambassador Lecturer Pilot Program was extended to our department and Ms. Natalie Pestana paid a visit to the Miskolc University Student Chapter on April 4, 2006, click here for details.
Miskolc Students Interviewed by the World’s Largest Drilling Company
The world’s biggest drilling company (Nabors) came to Miskolc for recruiting young engineers for work on one of their more than 600 drilling rigs. To see a short report on the recent (June 2006) interviewing session, click here.
Two Petroleum Engineering Students Receive the “Nabors International Scholarship”
Two of our senior students received the $2,000 per semester scholarship from Nabors International Drilling Ltd. officials at a recent meeting. Click here to read a short report on the September 20, 2006 event.

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