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1 million £ software donation for petroleum engineering tuition at Miskolc University
Petroleum Experts (aka PETEX), a petroleum engineering company, headquartered in Edinburgh, according to their earlier practice, has donated the petroleum engineering tuition at Miskolc University by allowing the usage of their industry leader petroleum engineering software package: the Integrated Production Modeling (IPM) suite. The commercial value of the donation is 1,075,000 £, it is a 10 user license of the IPM suite.
The software tools included in IPM suite are the standard across the worldwide oil and gas industry and used by more than 350 oil and gas companies. Their engineering models capture the physics, geology, engineering and fluid thermodynamics to model full production systems - from reservoir, the oil and gas wells, to the surface pipeline system and process. These models can be used to optimize production for existing oil and gas fields and assist with the system design of new fields.
The IPM suite composed of:
PVTP: Predicts the effect of process conditions on the composition of hydrocarbon mixtures - fluid characterization.
MBAL: Is an analytical reservoir tool commonly used for modeling the fluid dynamic reservoir effects - material balance.
REVEAL: Designed to study specialized reservoir effects and assess their impact on the injection, production and enhanced oil recovery from the reservoir - capturing the thermal, rock mechanics and chemistry.
PROSPER: Design and optimization program for modeling most types of oil and gas well configurations.
GAP: Multiphase oil and gas optimizer that models the surface gathering pipeline network of field production systems. GAP integrates dynamically the reservoir model (MBAL) and well models (PROSPER).
RESOLVE: Is the field engineering development tool that manages and control the IPM suite, Reservoir Simulators, Process Simulators to dynamically model, optimize and provide production forecasts of field operating scenarios. RESOLVE enables coupling of most major industry reservoir, process and economics simulation model to better evaluate and operate oil and gas fields.
The IPM suite is going to be used by petroleum engineering students to learn the usage of the package and many of them will apply the software in their thesis. The practical training in IPM suite will give students advantages in their future careers because the software is widely used in the oil and gas industry.

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