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About SPE
The Society of Petroleum Engineers is an international body of oil patch professionals. Its members include managers, engineers, operating personnel, scientists, and students involved in the drilling, exploration, and production sectors of the oil and gas industry around the world. Of its more than 50,000 members worldwide, 40% have degrees in Petroleum Engineering. The Society's primary mission is to collect, disseminate, and exchange technical information for the benefit of the members. Student members of the SPE are organized in Student Chapters located at leading universities throughout the world.
About Our Chapter
The Miskolc University Student Chapter was organized in 1992 and became operational after the approval of SPE Headquarters as one of the more than 80 Chapters worldwide. The Chapter’s membership and management is under a constant change as graduating classes yield their place to new members from year to year. Regular membership averages at over 30 Student Members.
How the Chapter Works
One of the principal aims of the Chapter is to help students to establish and develop professional, industrial, and international contacts. Members regularly meet to discuss different technical topics and also invite leading industry professionals to talk on specific problems. Many times well-known foreign experts make presentations when Student Members can practice their English. Traditionally, the most popular meeting is the yearly "Pizza Party" session from which experts with interesting lectures are never absent, neither is the beer…
The chapter covers its necessary expenses by fundraising from several different foundations. Students are thus relieved of the obligation to pay a membership-fee.
The Petroleum Engineering Department provides the Chapter with professional guidance and a separate room with computer access. The SPE Room is available for every member at any time and is very popular between those who like to surf the Web.
The Chapter’s most popular activity, without doubt, is the development of international contacts. It is with a good reason: in the past, students had many opportunities to take part in longer professional trips to famous oil producing areas of the world. An interesting description of previous student trips by 1998 President Miss Anita Jobbik is found on the the following page:
Current Chapter Officers
Miss Gabriella Federer
Vice President
Zsolt Feczko
Robert K. Togyer
Zoltan Bohus
Faculty Sponsor
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